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TX Corequisite Project: Research on Corequisites

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Corequisites - The corequisites initiative aims to streamline the developmental education process by placing first-year students that need remediation into a developmental course that is paired with a credit baring, college-level course. (FAQs HB 2223).

House Bill (HB) 2223 - “accelerate underprepared students’ persistence and successful completion.” (FAQs HB 2223)

Texas Corequisite Project - “The Texas Corequisite Project is tasked to offer statewide professional development opportunities & events beginning with a survey to better understand all stakeholders needs, and a Directory of innovative practices and research for Texas college and university faculty and administrators who are involved in the implementation and scaling of the corequisite model under the HB2223 passed by the 85th Legislature.” (TX Corequisite Project: HB2223)

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Promising Practices

Dear Colleagues: a Letter on Developmental Education from Under Secretary of Education Ted Mitchell

Improving Learning Outcomes, Persistence, and Graduation Rates of Academically Underprepared Students: a Case Study of Alexander Community College and Its Developmental Education Effort

Strategies for Postsecondary Students in Developmental Education: A Practice Guide for College and University Administrators, Advisors, and Faculty

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