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TX Corequisite Project: Statement of Work

Grant participants agree to the following program of work.

1.     Professional Development Support: ACC shall plan, implement, and evaluate all Professional Development services at the direction of, and in collaboration with, the THECB as follows:   

·       Primary coordinator

o   Provide 2-year Statewide Plan for all events (f2f, online, and/or hybrid)

o   Provide 10 PD regional events (5 per year), as outlined in Grantee’s application, as informed by the Needs Assessment Survey results (see Section

o   Sub-contract with, and fund, two (2) sub-grantees for the following activities, as related to components of the Statewide Plan specified below, and including event facilitation, recruiting/advertising, event evaluations, and identifying and compensating subject-matter experts:

§  Texas Community College Education Initiative (TCCEI) roles and responsibilities include the following:

  • Provide 4, 2-day Pathways Institute Pre (or Post) conferences;
  • Focus on advising/placement and reporting/corequisite evaluation
  • Collaborate with Grantee, as requested, with needs assessment survey and peer learning directory           

§  Catch the Next, Inc., (CTN) roles and responsibilities include the following:

  • Add a corequisite cohort of 10 new teams of DE/college-credit faculty to Ascender trainings;
  • Focus on DE and college-level faculty partnerships/course alignments and culturally-based, inclusive, student-centered corequisite instructional models
  • Collaborate with Grantee, as requested, with needs assessment survey and peer learning directory

2.      Coordination: ACC will coordinate with THECB College Readiness and Success Models (CRSM) grantees and identified TCCEI and CTN sub-grantees, as needed, to meet the requirements of this RFA.

3.      Data-informed, Research-based Services: ACC shall ensure that all Professional Development services and resources provided by ACC, TCCEI and Catch the Next are based on the results of statewide training needs survey. ACC should employ research-based approaches and strategies that aim to promote, build, strengthen, and expand the use of effective practices in the delivery of corequisite models. The statewide focus should be on developmental and college-level faculty collaborations, course alignments, advising and placement, and reporting and evaluation.

4.      Professional Development Support Services

Planning and Implementation: ACC shall provide in a Statewide Plan the direction, planning, and implementation of Professional Development services at the direction of the THECB and as outlined in the grant. To provide this direction, planning, and implementation, ACC shall:

  • develop and administer statewide training Needs Assessment Survey(s) to determine what training needs to be developed to help institutions to increase the effectiveness of programs serving under prepared students, with special focus on corequisite models;
  • develop and propose a list of topics for workshops and trainings for the THECB approval informed by the statewide training needs assessment surveys;
  • conduct or oversee sub-grantees’ follow-up evaluations that track, at a minimum, participant satisfaction and immediate benefits for participants and the students they serve.
  • Sub-contract with TCCEI and CTN, as outlined in the grant.

Institutional Support: ACC shall deliver Professional Development services to Texas public institutions of higher education as outlined in the grant and ACC proposal.

Peer Learning Directory: ACC shall develop and maintain an online resource that identifies and promotes high-impact educational practices for addressing the needs of under prepared students. ACC will use existing resources, including appropriate peer-reviewed journals and other comparable online sources and publications to the degree applicable. The directory should include a brief description of promising practices being implemented at public institutions of higher education, both in-state and out-of-state. The directory should minimally include the following:

  • name of institution implementing the practice;
  • identified point of contact;
  • student population being served by the practice; and,
  • descriptions and outcomes of the practice. (Outcomes should include the measures/indicators of success.)


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